Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pumpkin Finished! (Well, first try!)

As promised, I finished the pumpkin. This is a different kind of pumpkin from the one I saw on Knitty.com ... this is knitted completely in the round (which means only the stem and leaves, if you want, are to be sewn on after). The entire pumpkin is one piece!
As it is, I'm not so sure I like the color choice. (kind of reminds me of Indian Corn instead of a pumpkin ...) It's a gorgeous yarn (will have to find label later), but rather thin, so I also knit it with a strand of orange Cascade chunky (also will check label!) ... I used what I had of Lopi and another strand of a thin green mix. I ended up cutting the green part after felting and putting it directly in the "hole" after stuffing and I sewed it there with one strand of green embroidery floss. I still have to do his face! (Why are faces always last on my to-do list???) Also need to knit a swatch to cut out leaves.
Kent helped me tie orange yarn around the pumpkin while it was wet to get those bulges.
If there's any interest in the pattern, let me know; however, it's pretty long when written out. Right now, it's just scribbles on a piece of paper!

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

I like your pumpkin pattern. I'm working on the knitty one and am dreading having to put all those pieces together!