Friday, July 10, 2009

New pieces and maybe even a tiny Studio!

I'm super busy these days working on some new patterns, while at the same time cleaning out our house! Randy has officially "approved" of the guest bedroom/storeroom/old computer room to be turned into whatever I can make it ... I think he heartily agreed just to get the stash of yarn and books out of our bedroom ... and the dining room ... and the family room ... oh ... and the living room, too!!! YIKES! I have stuff everywhere. I will not take a before picture because it's too horrible to imagine; however, I have great vision and I know I will be able to fix it! I have limited wall space and limited electric outlets, so I have to think carefully before I put anything that can't be moved!
It's not easy. There are so many things in this room that I have to find other places to store ... like our daughters' 8 years worth of chess trophies! AAACKK! They moved them out of their room into this room and now I've stuffed as many as I can into a huge box and have loaded it into the hall closet downstairs. Some of these trophies are enormous! THEN there's all the dog-grooming paraphernalia from our dog-showing days. For instance, the giant crate, the crate pan, the grooming table and the grooming-table arm ... then there's the card table and chairs ... and the box of paint clothes waiting for another project so they can be worn again. Not to mention all the extra pillows, blankets and comforters that won't fit in our teeny-tiny linen closet in the hall. I'd get rid of them, except we need them in the winter!
I have purchased a couple of wire storage cube sets and hope to put them on top of each other. I wouldn't mind if they'd reach to the ceiling! I have to make sure I keep my acrylic yarn separate from all the feltable wool yarn, though and right now, that's going to be a chore to separate them as they all tumbled together in the middle! AARRGGHH. It will be most distressing to try out a new pattern with acrylic by mistake ... and have it be just as big after washing as before! (Kind of defeats the purpose!)
I have been wondering for some time if I should sell finished pieces, as well as my designs? So many people have told me they don't knit, but would love to have one already made. Maybe after I have everything straightened out and in its right place, I'll be able to see if this is actually do-able for me. I have set up an Etsy store, but haven't really used it yet. I put up one pattern early on and I don't think anyone even looked at it! I just need more time to be able to pursue all of these ventures.
For now, it will all have to wait. I have to take my Dad back to the doctor today. I expect it will be a long visit this time, so I won't be able to work on organizing the room. I will probably get a lot of knitting done, though!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've been given a Blog Award!

Amybel from Knitting in my Backyarn blog has given me this wonderful Blog Award! It's the first award my blog has ever been given. So, here's a big "THANK YOU!" to Amybel!

The rules: Accept the award and post it on your blog with the name of the person that gave it to you. Pass on the award to as many bloggers as you wish and let them know you chose them for the award.

I give the award to:

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