Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Dish Cloth with a Sunny Disposition!

Sunny Scrubbie
A sweet, little dish cloth
Copyright © 2015 Anita M. Wheeless

An uncomplicated broken-rib stitch gets a fresh face with the addition of pretty eyelet edges. The textured surface is just right for scrubbing your dishes squeaky clean!

Finished size: Approximately 9.5-inches square, after blocking
Needles: Size US 7
Yarn: Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn (or any worsted-weight cotton yarn)

Using the long-tail method, cast on 35 stitches.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K2 *yo, k2tog, k1 (repeat to end of row)
Row 4: Purl (to end of row)
Row 5: k 5, place marker, k1, *p1, k1 to last 5, place marker, k5
Row 6: Purl (slipping markers as you come to them)
Row 7: k2, yo, k2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, *p1, k1 to last 5, slip marker, k2, yo, k2tog, k1
Row 8: Purl (slipping markers as you come to them)
Repeat rows 5-8 nine times or as many as you’d like! When you’ve reached the desired size, continue as follows:
 After last purl row, repeat row 3 to end of row; purl the next row; knit one row, then bind off, knit-wise.

So cute, maybe it should be for the bath, instead!