Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Draft: Snowman

Well here's another project I'm still "tweaking." Here is my first try at a snowman. I've used Lopi Lite to give him a very fuzzy look. I wet felted his nose from a bit of orange BFL I had dyed last summer ... and I used roving and wet felted his scarf. In fact, I used the "artfelt" method and just punched the roving into the water-soluble embroidery backing, then wet it and popped it into the dryer.
Just for size, I tried on the teapot lid I had come up with last year and it fits! So now I can use my basic lid pattern and adapt it for a hat for him. In fact, I'm thinking of a couple of different hat styles that can all use this same basic pattern.
If anyone would be kind enough to give me any suggestions as I develop this little guy, please email me! Right now, he's got the two snowballs. I've also thought of adding a third, smaller ball for his head, instead of the large head he's got now.
Not sure how I want to do his facial features ... embroidery? Needle felting? I've not had much luck with my needle-felted features. They all fell off of my hedgehog! *sob*
I think I may go with embroidery.
Anyhow, so far, I'm thinking of juice-box drinking straws (with yarn over) for his arms. I've seen a picture of a pattern that uses wire and beads for the arms. That looks cute, too. I wonder how felted i-cord might work? I might make a few to see. I could possibly wet felt his arms, too.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I really would like him to be able to be a toy, as opposed to a decoration ... so I think bead and drinking-straw arms would both be out ... Hm ... so many ideas, so little time!!! AACCK. The attack of the CLOTHES! (Poor Randy wore mismatched socks to work! I MUST put down the knitting!!! but I don't want to ... *sniff)
p.s. I'd be happy to share my "rough" pattern, but it's very long. To others who post patterns: How do you do it??? Thanks!


Chibicat said...

I think he's adorable as is - no need to add a third ball for a head. Also if you want him to be a toy I would go with embroidery for the face. Just some simple floss for the eyes and maybe a small smile :) He's really cute!

Melanie said...

I agree...embroidery for the facial features. And I think he's just too cute like he is...adding another ball would make him not as cute. I collect snowmen and this one is precious. Let him stay little!