Monday, May 25, 2009

Say, "Hello!" to Cool Cat, Version One

Here's my latest little critter ... I wanted to knit (and felt) a cat that could be done all in one piece, including the arms and legs and tail, and who could sit, as well. So, here he is: Meet Cool Cat, Version One!
The only sewing you have to do is to sew up his bottom and stitch on his ears ... that's it!

Here's a side view. I am working on a smaller version and a larger version. As soon as all three are ready, I'll have the pattern available for sale. I hope you like him!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Favorites New Again! Take-Along Sun and Sockless Sock Monkey PDF Versions Now Available

After receiving a couple of emails from people who found it difficult to print out some of my free patterns from my blog, I have finally gotten around to adding pdf versions of the Sockless Sock Monkey knitting pattern and the Take-Along Sun knitting pattern to my website. If you remember, the Take-Along Sun was wonderfully translated into French and that version is also available. You'll find all of these free patterns at The Pattern Box on the Free Patterns page. You can click here to go there now! I hope you enjoy these versions and find them easier to print out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a little update ...

I'm sorry for having been away for over a month! I can't believe it! Things got rather hectic the first few weeks of April ... what with my father's surgery and then birthdays and Easter and ... well, in other words, LIFE going on! I thought I'd be back sooner, though, but then I caught a cold (or something like it) and haven't felt myself since ... and then my daughters came home from the university for the summer (hip-hip-hooray! It's WONDERFUL having them home, if I do say so, myself!) and so we've been cleaning, throwing away, pulling out the old to make way for the new and all that. And now, I have to finish up fourth quarter with my son. This is exam week, so we should be finished soon! And then I hope to have my garden lantern pattern up for you. It's very fun and easy to make and there are so many variations!
Thank you for your patience and do visit again. Don't give up! I'll be back! (Now ... where did I put my tissue box again? *sniffle *sniffle cough cough)