Monday, March 14, 2016

A New Use for Yarn!

A new use for yarn ... pom poms!
 Here is Bif enjoying his pom pom ball pit ...

 Introducing a happy chick, bearing a little Easter lily! He's my first attempt at pom pom animals ... I stitched the smaller pom pom onto the larger ... glass shoe-button bead eyes (size 5mm) sewn in ... I used an awl to open a path for pipe cleaner arms and legs and needle felted a bit of orange roving for his beak.
 Pink rabbit has pipe cleaner arms and legs, too ... but I needle felted a bit of pink wool over top ... pink ears cut from felt ... whiskers are waxed thread  ... 4 mm bead eyes sewn in.
 I really made the pom pom body of the swan too small, so I tried to compensate by needle felting wings and tail feathers! 4 mm glass bead eyes.