Friday, April 6, 2012

Fia's Rose Garden Cardigan Is Finally Finished!

Yes! I finally finished my first grandniece's baby sweater! Sweet, little Fia was born on March 31, 2012. This pattern came from the Entrelac book by Rosemary Drysdale. I was very disappointed with how the pattern was written, as it left out many details that I, as the knitter, had to figure out. I did not appreciate the "reverse shaping" for the opposite side of the sweater, nor did I appreciate the lack of sufficient directions to knit the bottom entrelac band. *sigh* When I write patterns, even the ones I give away for free, I try to write them as if I were sitting next to the knitter, whispering what should happen next. I think the reason many patterns are listed as "for Experienced Knitters" is because the author knows he/she has left out lots of steps. A new knitter, trusting that, after paying the purchase price for the pattern, the complete directions would be included, will (sadly) get frustrated and throw the project down in favor of something "easier" ... when, in fact, the stitches and construction of the item is not too difficult for a beginner at all. How depressing!
At any rate, after figuring out some things on my own and taking tons of notes as I went along, I do think it came out rather well, if I say so, myself!!

The tag makes the whole thing perfect!

I only embroidered eight of the bullion roses ... four on each side of the sweater. The actual pattern has two rows of bullion roses across the entire bottom, one row on each sleeve edge and a couple around the neckline. I like it simple.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Springerle Cookies!

Realizing that Easter is next weekend (NO! How can it be already???), I realized if I wanted to try out my springerle cookie mold for Easter, I better do it today! So, I made my first batch!
I overbaked the second cookie sheet of cookies, as they are not the "hallmark" white on top, but a little golden, instead. Still, all in all, not bad for my first attempt. I hope they taste good! Here is a wonderful website that has the recipes, as well as the molds and flavorings. It's called House on the Hill. There is also a video tutorial, which is extremely helpful.