Saturday, September 29, 2007

Introducing: Miss Sophie!

I finally finished Miss Sophie from Jean Greenhowe's Jemima Jane and Friends book! She's far from perfect, but I learned a lot while making her and I don't think her many imperfections will make her any less play-able!(At least I hope they won't!)
After I was finishing the collar, I finally figured out the pattern instructions for the "eyelet" trims. AACKKK Oh well! I have lots more dolls to do, so hopefully they will each improve as I go along.
It's amazing how detailed all the dolls are ... complete with pantelets! (See her raising her skirt just a bit in the second photo above so you can see them!)
I'm starting another bear, as he has become quite popular and I have lots of Funky Fur in different colors. I'm testing out another brand of eyelash in silver on this one and also I'm using 3 mm needles instead of the US 5 I used for my first one. We'll see what he ends up like! I have to admit, I just love the Sirdar Funky Fur. It's so soft and it knits so easily.
By the way, I happened upon some more darling toy patterns using that same Funky Fur ... an elephant, a rabbit, a cat, another bear (he's not quite as cute, though), a dog and a duck and a pig; however, the duck and pig look rather ... well, *ahem* let's just say they aren't that appealing!
You can see them here
Just scroll down through all the toy patterns and you'll find these. They are numbers SC4900 and SC4958. I just ordered them last week and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Washing Alpaca Fleece

I just finished washing my first alpaca fleece! It's a beautiful fawn fleece that I've been storing in a paper bag in the family-room closet for over a year! Yes! I have had so many good intentions about getting to it, that today I decided I MUST get to it before it gets cold and rainy. (Which doesn't seem likely anytime soon, sad to say, as we need rain very badly.)
Anyhow, I followed the directions that are so nicely described on this website. I actually bought this fleece from some Alpaca farmer in Ohio, I think it was! It is so soft, and not a bit stinky, even after a year in the closet! I was afraid it would be full of bugs, not just vegetable matter (vm). I can't wait to start combing it. I hope I can do it justice!

Photo of Colette!

I finally have a photo of my daughter Colette uploaded on this computer! Although she's away at the university, she's still very much a member of this family!
p.s. am still working diligently on Miss Sophie's gown. I hope to finish it within the next day or two. When I started to think of how many stitches it really is, my head started to swim.
This is why I'm not good at socks! Yes, Randy's socks are both started and about three inches long. I started the second one because I knew when I finished the first, I'd never want to do it again!
How do you all love to knit socks??? AACKK. I will finish them, though. I will! I really will! (But not now.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Caucasian Flesh-Tone Came!

My Sirdar Bonus DK in flesh tone arrived in today's mail! I'm so glad. I'm sorry, Miss Sophie! You're too pink! I couldn't wait for the yarn to arrive! *sniff *sniff. Unfortunately, I'm already working on a Rebecca doll (from the German magazine). I started her before the arrival, too ... she's in the Paton Astra Peach.
If you are like I am and want the right color, Mavis-Crafts online is a GREAT seller in the UK. The company is friendly and helpful and charged me less than expected for shipping, as it cost them less than anticipated. I thought that was a very nice gesture! It saved me about $4! (As it was, shipping cost about $12 ... 6 pounds something ... and the yarn was less than 2 pounds a piece for 100 grams!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Did anybody ever read "The Lonely Doll?" It was one of my favorite books (along with "The Journey of Bangwell Putt")

Anyway, a little bear and the doll were friends. I think these two will be great friends (once Miss Sophie has the rest of her).

Beginning of Too-Pink Miss Sophie Doll

Here is what I've finished so far on Miss Sophie. See how the pale pink Plymouth Encore dk is just too pink? *sigh
I am working on her legs right now. I am happy with her face. The embroidering of the faces always makes me really, really nervous. To me, the face is the most important part! If the look is wrong or the mouth turns down into a sad face or the eyes are too big or something, it can completely ruin the little thing! Phew. That part is over!

Funky Fur Bear Finished

I finally finished my first bear! It is knitted from Sirdar Pattern 1546. You can also find the pattern for sale at Sandy's Needle Nook. I am very happy that his "jointed" arms and legs do work. Funky Fur is great to work with, as it hides all seams and knots (and any mistakes, too)! The pattern called for size 3.00 mm needles (which would be a US size 2.5 ... not a size US 2, which would be 2.75 mm and not a size US 3, which is 3.25 mm), but I couldn't find any in time ... so I knitted this one in US size 5 (3.75 mm) needles. I am content with his face, although I think I made his nose a little too big. He kind of looks like Maggie, doesn't he??