Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Is Almost Here!

Wow! Time has been marching along while I wasn't looking! I can't believe that today is October 20 already! The trees are beautiful now, boasting reds and golds with greens still mixed in ... and the sky has been that special, cloudless blue that only comes when there's a chilly breeze that seems to sweep everything clean.
It's time to break out the apple cider and the doughnuts! Make oatmeal cookies and pumpkin pies. Take long, quiet walks in the park. Start those knitting projects you've been thinking about. Gather up all the good books you can find and prepare to settle in for breezy days and chilly nights.
As for patterns, maybe you'll finally think about making something whimsical this year ... why not start with some of my simple fall designs? Here are two free patterns perfect for fall:

The Felted Pumpkin In-The-Round
This free pattern is a super-easy, quick knit ... and a great pattern to start with if you've not tried knitting in the round before. Felting, of course, melts away any mistakes! Click here to go to the pattern.

The Felted Thanksgiving Turkey
This is another free pattern from the Mummble-Jummble2 archives! He's kind of rough around the edges, but a very fun, quick knit in the round. His tail, however, is knit back and forth. Click here to go the pattern.

Here are a few more seasonal patterns, available at The Pattern Box:

 Gray Squirrel  Pattern
Click here for the Gray Squirrel. The pattern is only $2.50 and provides all the directions for knitting, felting, stuffing, string jointing and embroidery tips!

Spooky Tree Pattern
Click here for the free Spooky Tree Pattern

Scaredy Cat
The Scaredy Cat pattern is sure to liven up your Halloween table! His body and head are one piece (knitted in the round, so no seams!) His tail, legs and ears are knit separately. His legs are attached by string jointing, so he can move. At $2.50, this cat design is really not so scary, after all! Click here for more information.

Teapot and Tea Cups
As the chilly weather takes over, why not enjoy a pretend cup of tea with this easy-to-knit and felt teapot? Don't forget to knit up the free tea cups and saucers to complete the tea service! Click here for more information.

Friendly Ghost
This little ghost is knit completely in the round, then felted in the washing machine. After he's dry, simple embroidery stitches make him come to life! More information can be found here.