Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Official: Fall Has Arrived!

Just in case you were wondering: Fall is here! I'll be back with some fun Fall and holiday projects! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cake Pops Part II ... Secret to Success!

Cake pop with coating that is way too thick, lumpy and bumpy.

If you know me very well, you know that I do not give up easily. If you recall, my first attempt at making cake pops a few weeks ago was a complete disaster in appearance (although the taste was still pretty good). If you don't recall, you can scroll down and read that entry below. Anyhow, I decided I'd give the project another try.
The worst part about making these little things is the fact that the Wilton Candy Melts simply will not melt to the luxurious, silky-smooth appearance that the "professional" cake pops have. I have purchased four different cake-pop books and not one of them addresses what to do if your candy does not melt to the right consistency. Believe me, consistency is the ENTIRE thing. If your pops are not dipped properly, you will not get the right surface to decorate. It doesn't matter how cute your designs are or how many sprinkles or colors or edible glitter you may have, if your cake pop is lumpy, bumpy and thickly coated, it simply won't look like the pictures. AND let me also offer this little tid bit, if you paint decorations (i.e., little faces) on your cake pops with cocoa butter as so many books recommend, be aware that the cocoa butter features will smear.
Poor, smeared cocoa-butter features
A blurry close-up of another smeared cocoa butter face.
After searching on google for what to do when your candy melts won't melt, I stumbled upon a discussion group on the Bakerella facebook page and VOILA, the secret is buried on page three of the discussion! The answer! This was posted by a very kind person named Cyndi Moore. Just scroll down the page for her entry.
Add two teaspoons of Crisco solid shortening to one package of candy melts. Add more, if necessary. I ended up adding almost two tablespoons' worth. IT WORKED!
Cake pops coated with candy melts that have shortening in them.
Admittedly, I still need LOTS of practice to get these little things to look like the darling photographs, but now there is hope! At least the candy coating is finally the right consistency.