Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Working on Rebecca Doll ...

I have now finished knitting Rebecca's body and have started an arm ... and ... well, yes, I admit, I started one of her socks, as well. Hopefully I will finish her socks more quickly than Randy's socks (which I have been working on now for almost a year). I have confidence I shall finish Rebecca's socks, though, as they are only about 8 centimeters long. Aside: She has shorter legs than Randy (as one would expect, seeing as how she's a doll and not a real person).
And speaking of centimeters, I really don't like metric measurements. I have no reference points for them. I remember in the 1980s there was an enormous push to get the metric system going. I am reminded of this daily when my son and I use his earth-science text recommended by our umbrella school. The book was written in the '80s and every page is peppered with metric measurements ... so many, we feel as though we're having our own mini tectonic-plate movement colliding and re-dividing our brain waves. AAACKKK.
I remember walking 17 kilometers from a bus stop to the beach when I was in Spain. I knew this, you see, because a big, green sign said so. I had no idea how far 17 kilometers was. I only knew that, at the end of it, when we finally reached our camp site, I had blisters on my feet from wearing thin alpargatas. Hm. They were very cute, but the insides were woven in rope. Not very suitable hiking shoes, to say the least.
Anyhow, most of the British patterns are kind enough to use inches (or at least put them in parentheses). But this German pattern likes to use centimeters only. Fortunately, I have my handy measuring tape that came free with one of my Simply Knitting magazines. (It has centimeters on one side and inches on the other.)
My arms hurt last night from knitting so much. (As my daughter noted, "That doll is big!") Yes, Rebecca is much bigger than Miss Sophie. She's more the size of a Raggedy Ann, I guess. The two dolls are currently sitting next to each other on the dresser (well, Miss Sophie is sitting; Rebecca has no legs yet) and poor Miss Sophie looks quite small. In fact, I think, no ... I'm quite sure, Rebecca will be even bigger than my Funky Fur bear.
The Lulu doll, pattern for which I'm anxiously awaiting, looks an awful lot like the character Bangwell Putt to me (not the real Bangwell Putt doll, which looks rather sad), but the character in the book "The Journey of Bangwell Putt" by Mariana (see photos above). I probably will knit her once to see how she goes, then try again to make her more Bangwell Putt-ish. She obviously needs to be more chubby and have less hair. I'd also like to knit Bangwell's travelling case. My own copy of The Journey of Bangwell Putt, which my eldest brother gave me in 1968, I kept in pristine condition, despite the fact that I read it almost every day. I say it was in pristine condition, including dust jacket, except for my name and date in the upper right-hand corner of the inside page (which you can almost see in the photo above. It says June 21, 1968). Well, all that changed when a bearded collie (which we co-owned at one time), ate most of the book over the Christmas holidays that year. *sniff. The insides are still fairly intact; however, the dust jacket was terribly torn and, for some inexplicable reason, this dog (who was no more than a puppy at the time), ate the entire hardcover!!! Both ends!
Well, back to knitting ... at some point I'd love to knit all the characters from my favorite books! (Yet another project!)
Speaking of which, one of the toy books by Jean Greenhowe has some elephants that look suspiciously like the Babar characters ... especially Cousin Arthur!
Well, I better get going for now. More later ....

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