Sunday, June 29, 2008

I WIsh I Could Knit Faster ...

Last night, I had a dream about a felted mermaid! I guess that's why I keep a notebook by my bedside! When I woke up, I sketched her out and even knew what yarn to pick out from my stash! THEN I knew I'd have to figure out a seahorse to go with her ... and maybe a pirate or two? THEN I thought I have to knit up a unicorn, of course, and I've already promised I'd do a dragon, which I have sketched out, too. The only problem is, I don't have enough hands to knit them all at once. I am still fiendishly employed at resizing my teapot and finishing up the cookie patterns so that I can post them at The Pattern Box by next week. (That would sort of be on schedule for me ... my own deadline, of course!) And then, I'm still working on the Simple Dolls. I have three more knit, but I have so many faces and hats to do, that I certainly need more of the basic dolls!
I won an auction on eBay for assorted mohair and mohair-type yarns. Most of them don't have any brands or fiber content or anything listed to identify them, but they are lovely colors. I have in mind a whole new set of toys that will not be felted, but will be knit with mohair/blend yarns. One ball that came was in a soft green. Perfect for a little frog! I hope to have a whole garden collection that would include a frog, ladybug, bee, butterfly and dragonfly. I will probably experiment with some of the glittery yarns, too. I have a few lurex balls leftover from when I did the Christmas pickle last year! These might be nice additions to the yarn for the dragonfly's wings.
I am still working on my pop-up puppets, too, but I have sort of put them on the back burner for now ... and especially since the whole mermaid dream, I think I will definitely work on the mermaid and dragon after I finish the Simple Doll faces.
Well, I better sign off for now. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

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iaisknitter said...


Love the ideas for a seahorse, unicorn, mermaid, etc. I'm going to be broke making all you wonderful designs.

And of course you know I'm eagerly awaiting the dragon. I'll be the first to buy her.