Sunday, June 22, 2008

Simple Dolls Now at The Pattern Box!

I had another one of those breakthrough moments the other day! And voila the Simple Doll was made! I have lots and lots of other face-styles! I just can't wait to make all of the "prototypes" so that you can see them all! If only I could knit faster! I will be posting the pattern on my website soon ... and also uploading it to Ravelry. It's very simple and will include directions for many faces. I've decided not to try to sell the dolls that I make ... only sell the patterns. That's what I'm good at doing, so I should stick with that!
Okay, now I know I have to get back to typing in those remaining animal patterns! I've already written up the description and loaded the photos onto the Ravelry database. All that's left is for me to upload the patterns. I'll be up late tonight, I know it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these dolls. I can't wait to get the pattern. These will be great for my little one :)

Donna said...

Those are adorable! They look like the Miis from the Wii game system. How cute! :-)