Thursday, June 4, 2009

Popknits Watermelon Glass Cozies and Napkin Ring Set!

Here's the non-felted version. Just use size US 5 double-pointed needles. One skein of pink Cascade 220 and one skein of green will make 4 glass cozies and 4 napkin rings!

If you'd like a felted version, simply use size US 8 double-pointed needles. Still, it only takes one skein of pink Cascade 22o and one of green to make four glass cozies and four napkin rings.

When I was little (and I'm much bigger now!), my parents belonged to a Saturday evening bridge club. How my best friend AnneMarie and I would look forward to the times when my parents hosted it! All the great snacks we'd have! Bugles! Doo Dads! Twigs! Chipsters! Dry-Roasted Peanuts! Pretzels! and bottles of Coca-Cola! Ah! Yes!
And the way my Mom always set everything up ... the kitchen became the "bar" and highballs with whiskey and ginger ale seemed to be the favorite. Those tall, ice-filled glasses always sported glass cozies. They were store-bought, but they were knit, stretchy and had sparkly threads glittering throughout. They were very festive, indeed!
So, with fond memory of those glass cozies, I came up with a very quick, very easy pattern for knit (or knit, then felted) glass cozies with matching napkin rings in summery, watermelon colors.
Take a look at the Popknits Summer Issue for the free pattern. And remember, the watermelon seeds are duplicate-stitched (or Swiss Darned), so there's no chart to follow and no switching of yarn colors.
I hope you'll give it a try and raise a glass to sweet summer evenings! And bridge parties of long ago!

Duplicate stitch (or Swiss Darning), is so easy! Just look for the V shapes in your stitches. Insert your yarn needle from back to front through the center of a V. Then, as this photo shows, put your needle through the top of the V from right to left. Then, put your needle back down through the center again and pull it out the back. Voila! You've made a stitch right over your other stitch!


Anonymous said...

How could I forget?! what fond memories.....


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

How cute and fun for summer:)Hugs Darcy