Monday, June 1, 2009

Gumball and Cracker Jack Charms!

Looky! Looky! My treasure box arrived! Chock full of odd little charms! Don't you just want to dig in and see what's inside? If you really can't resist, go to eBay and look at all the vintage charms for sale. You won't believe how many there are!

Here's a closer view of some of them. This batch was incredible! Truly a mini wonderland! I just purchased another batch on eBay with over 300 charms in it! I can't wait for it to come!

For awhile now I've been looking through eBay auctions for gumball and Cracker Jack charms. There's just something about them that is fun, happy and totally fascinating! I love them! I could spend hours just sifting through the little things! Even my son, who thought they were the absolute most ridiculous thing I've ever purchased on eBay, couldn't stop sorting through them after they arrived!! Don't they look like an I-Spy game ready to be played? I'm not quite sure what I intend to do with them all, but I know there's a plan brewing somewhere. When the others arrive, including the 20 adjustable rings, I'll be sure to post photos here!


Ariel said...

My husband used to LOVE all the fun things in Cracker Jack boxes and is not at all happy with what comes in there now.

Great treasures!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I am going back in time! Olivia would LOVE these charms - I might have to venture over to eBay...