Monday, September 15, 2008

Embroidery Bug Has Hit!

While I have been working feverishly finishing up my new Halloween toy patterns, I have also been dabbling in embroidery and weaving. I have ordered lots of books from and have been learning all kinds of new and different things! Years ago I loved crewel stitchery. Remember all those kits for sale back in the '70s ... with great sayings and "mod" flowers?! I got very good at the lazy daisy and the chain stitch ... French knots, too! Well, I've been refreshing all those stitches from my past, along with new ones just especially suited to ribbon embroidery ... which, by the way, is TONS of fun and quick with fabulous results!!! I'm working on a bit of a sampler right now. Also, I have to say I've fallen in love with redwork ... though, probably I should refer to it as colorwork as there are so many great colors of floss out there to use!
I have been thinking up my own little line drawings of Halloween parties and tea parties and birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and most especially ... my favorite ... the big-top circus! I have high hopes for them, although not sure where they will fit with everything else I'm doing!
My next experiment will be with using embroidery on top of my felted toys. For instance, I am designing a dove right now that will have embroidered features, rather than knitted/felted ones. We'll see. As soon as I'm finished, I'll post a photo.
I also have a cat to work out ... just a gray tabby this time ... and the dragon and the mermaid ... which are on the back burners, but definitely still in the running ... and THEN onto my new Thanksgiving patterns (maybe a cornucopia?) and some vegetables? Or maybe I'll just skip ahead to Christmas, where I have a lot of ideas for gingerbread people, Christmas trees, snow globes ... and then of course, spring will bring about all the Easter-y toys and also I'm hoping for gnomes, mushrooms, fairies, logs, flower gardens, etc.
So many projects, so little time!!!

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