Monday, December 17, 2007

More of the Sockless Sock Monkey

I am so glad I left the hole where his legs were joined. This helped so much in stuffing the legs. I still need to distribute the stuffing better and then will sew up that hole and the holes in the bottoms of his feet.

NOTE: For the finished pattern, please see December 20th's entry or click here. Thanks!

I finished knitting up to the top of his head, but realized I better stop and stuff him as much as I can before I finish (or I probably wouldn't be able to stuff him at all)! Believe it or not, it took 80 rounds to get him this size after the join with the legs. I then cut the brown and joined the cream to finish the top of his head in cream.

After his head is finished, I will still have the tail, ears, mouth and embroidery of the eyes. The arms should be knit exactly as the legs, only knit separately and stitched on after. I'll keep updating as I progress.

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