Monday, December 31, 2007

"Monk" Bottle Bag Finished

(update 1/3/08) Well, I gave the bottle bag with a bottle of Two Hands Angel Share Shiraz (I believe it was 2002) that I had gotten as a special birthday present last year and had been saving (I rarely drink anything as I may get a call at 2 in the morning and need to rush out to the ER or some such thing ... so I hated to open such a fabulous bottle of wine for only one glass) SO, I saved it and gave it ... to one of the priests at our church on New Year's (to share, of course). I don't think he knew I had knit the bottle bag, but he seemed to like the wine it held. *sigh. When will I ever learn that people simply don't appreciate knitted gifts??? It's definitely back to toys for me!!!

Here is the bottle bag with the knotted rope belt: Front View I've thought about felting a small head to cover the bottle top, but decided against it. It's only holding a bottle of sparkling grape juice at present, but will hold the real thing before it's given away.
Here is the back view.
Here is the bag with the top folded down.

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