Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation

Amelia's contribution to the baking day ... eating the dough!
Kent using the ancient, but wonderful, Mirro Cookie Press (note gloves for germ-free cookies)!
Spritz Christmas trees. Kent did all the decorating, too. I was really impressed.

Here's Colette, ready for more dough making! She was such a great help.

We had a terrific time over the Thanksgiving holidays! Since we had sort of celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend with one of my brothers and his family, we decided to go for a Honey-Baked Ham for the "real" Thanksgiving meal. What a time saver that was! (I'll have to write about the actual purchasing of the Honey-baked Ham later, as that is quite a story in itself.)
It was a lot of fun to have Colette home for a few days ... and we were able to get a good deal for Amelia on a laptop computer (which she's been wanting for a really, really, really long time). No, it wasn't door-buster deal, but it was still pretty good. Colette and Kent did some power baking and baked about 5 dozen Spritz butter cookies for our church's annual Cookie Walk. Phew! What a relief to have them do it all!!! Kent certainly earned his Confirmation service hours!!
Meanwhile, I'm still working on Father Christmas, but had to put him aside for awhile as I started a few other projects ... like the booties I've been promising to knit for one of the program coordinators who works at the museum where Kent volunteers ... and I started a Jean Greenhowe project from her "Christmas Special" that's a little knitted envelope for seeds or, in this case, bath salts.
I've also come up with ideas for some felted bottle bags ... I think I'll call them Bring Your Own Bottle Bags ... I'm working on a monk with a hood. It's taking A LOT more yarn than I thought, so I better stop at the yarn shop this afternoon for more brown cascade 220. I have ideas for a snowman and a Santa, as well. I'm hoping the hood on the monk will be all right. It seems like it's going to be really big right now, but I wanted sort of a cowl ... and cascade 220 always felts really well.
Meanwhile ... I ordered 8 pounds of roving! YIKES! What was I thinking??? Anyhow, 6 pounds are BFL, the other two are a gorgeous merino. It's all just right for dyeing and spinning. Now, when will I have the time to do that, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with you now. Sounds like your Thnaksgiving was great fun. Love to all,


Susan said...

So funny, I have the same cookie press and make those same cookies, but I make them green all the way thru with food color. Susan in NJ