Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Getting Closer!


White Sheep
Yellow Chick
Pink Chick

Blue Fish

Yellow Duck

Gray Goose

"Pink Pig"

"Blue Jay"

"Scarlet King Snake"

Brown Rabbit

Here are a couple more of the animal patterns I have written in my notebooks! I am steadily typing them up in Publisher, then converting to PDF to upload to Ravelry's database and THEN putting the link there and on The Pattern Box. I can't believe I have four notebooks' full now. And the ideas still keep coming!! (Next on the needles, the colorful carousel horse!)

I must admit, I feel a little discouraged that it's taking me so long to get all of them typed up, but every day I seem to be called away on errands of one sort or another. *sigh ... I was really hoping to have all of this done by now ... and I haven't even attached my giraffe's limbs yet! But he came out just as I had hoped, so I'll try to get photos soon. I have re-knit the teapot in another color and also two teacups and saucers and cookies. I think I may have mentioned before in an earlier post, when I get all of the 20 animals typed up and for sale on The Pattern Box, I am going to offer the patterns for the teacup and saucers, along with two cookies, for free ... and I'll have the teapot pattern for sale. So, I hope everyone will stop by The Pattern Box's "grand opening" and celebrate with me with a tea party! I'll post it here when that finally happens! I hope soon! MUST be before the end of June!!! (That's my goal.)

In the Tips and Techniques section of The Pattern Box, I will have mini videos of attaching the glass eyes and how to string joint. Even if you don't knit up my patterns, I hope the videos will be helpful if you ever make moveable limbs for your toys ...

More later ...