Saturday, January 24, 2009

Needle Felting Is Fun!

Needle-felted flowers using a cookie cutter for the shaping.

Needle-felted dog ... looks just like the wired-haired fox terrier we had when I was growing up! You can make any kind of dog or cat or fish or anything you want! It's incredible!

I was testing out some needle felting the other day and am pretty happy with the results. I have done lots of needle felting in the past, but I never used these techniques before. I have all sorts of plans now for Easter chicks and ducks! For a great video, take a look here from the Craft Beautiful channel. For the needle-felted dog instructions from Craft Beautiful, look here.


Anonymous said...

It's Bo!!!!! :)

He was a sweet fella....


Anonymous said...

Meant to tell you - the flowers look goo enough to eat!