Monday, July 14, 2008

Yea! The Simple Dolls pattern is now available!!!

Phew! Finally! I finished writing up the pattern for all the Simple Dolls, plus their five hats, the cat and the dog! I feel really good about it! I may come up with new faces/people/animals, but they will be variations on these original dolls.
Now, before I get back to my dragon and mermaid, I'm knitting up a little bookworm! He'll be my free back-to-school (YIKES! Shudder!) pattern! I found a lovely light green for his body tucked away in my stash.
Meanwhile, I realized that Fall and Halloween are not that far away, so I've started my seasonal toys! I have in mind a little ghost family, as well as different Jack O'lanterns ... at least one will have arms and legs. Another hopefully will have changeable features that you can stick on with "velcro."
Well, that's all for now!


Elizabeth said...

Hello Anita, how nice to discover your site & blog. I love what you do, it's so pretty. The cat is so pretty, I love its primitive look. Maggie is so cute with her summer cut. You're very talented!

adminnie said...

just wanted to let you know that i've featured your pattern on the Daily Chum. too cute!