Friday, September 21, 2007

My Caucasian Flesh-Tone Came!

My Sirdar Bonus DK in flesh tone arrived in today's mail! I'm so glad. I'm sorry, Miss Sophie! You're too pink! I couldn't wait for the yarn to arrive! *sniff *sniff. Unfortunately, I'm already working on a Rebecca doll (from the German magazine). I started her before the arrival, too ... she's in the Paton Astra Peach.
If you are like I am and want the right color, Mavis-Crafts online is a GREAT seller in the UK. The company is friendly and helpful and charged me less than expected for shipping, as it cost them less than anticipated. I thought that was a very nice gesture! It saved me about $4! (As it was, shipping cost about $12 ... 6 pounds something ... and the yarn was less than 2 pounds a piece for 100 grams!)

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