Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Recipe that Worked!

Martha Stewart's Cookie of the Month for February
This morning I got up pretty early (as usual) and decided to try out the "Cookie of the Month" in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Name of cookie is "Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling."
I have to say, these came out just as I had hoped. I used cherry preserves instead of cherry jam and I didn't strain it. After all, the cherry pieces are just the things that make it cherry preserves! These are very crisp and nutty.


Val S. said...

Those are gorgeous! I am going to try those out! Thank you for the photos and the info. I love your blog!

Nean the Bean said...

Wow! Thanks, Val, for the kind words about my blog! I hope you enjoy the cookies, too.