Friday, January 19, 2007

Here we are ... 30 years later!

Couldn't believe it, but Valerie, Sister Ann Marie, Denise, Sister Mary, Kathy and I (I'm the one in the white sweater) were all able to meet in Raleigh over Christmas vacation! We were able to say, "hello" and "good-bye" as we bid farewell to Sister Mary, who will be heading to Kenya soon. It was amazing how we all just sat down and started to chat as if we had seen each other yesterday! I was trying to think of something special I could give everyone, so I decided to spin up many of the small lots of roving that I had and use it to knit and then felt (or full) small treasure bags. A lot of the roving I had used to experiment with dyeing. I used the "freshly spun" singles to knit. By the end, I was spinning really thick yarn because I knew it was just going into the washing machine! Actually, the two bags that came out the best were the ones that had the thinner singles. I loved the texture of the merino/mohair/corriedale one. That was my favorite. I had found a great note to include inside, along with an oddball collection of items (like a Bobby Pin for a bad hair day, etc.) I found the note on a crochet site for a free pattern for little bags. I think these felted ones made great little keepsakes.

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