Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Nursery Rhyme Blocks: Redwork

Stuffed in the back of one of my craft drawers, all folded and yes, just a little bit dusty, were a couple of panels of nursery rhyme quilt blocks. I don't even remember how long ago I bought them! I found them, along with several skeins of Anchor red embroidery floss and a plastic bag with a photo of the finished quilt.

I have so many other projects going right now, but I couldn't help myself. I had to find an embroidery needle, a hoop and get going. Right then. Immediately. I mean, who can resist such charming little scenes?

There's something particularly satisfying about embroidery. Now, I'm not very good at it anymore, but I hope, in time, I will be back up to speed! I started out years and years ago (when I was in 6th grade, actually). A teacher gave us lessons in the lunchroom. I really don't remember why. Maybe it was just something she wanted to do. There was just a little group of us and I was so excited about it! We started out embroidering on burlap. We sketched a design, then used simple stitches to bring it to life. I still remember mine. It was a very colorful, very large snail and I was so very proud of it!

Although there are plenty of blogs and YouTube video tutorials on embroidery stitches, my favorite reference is an old volume from The Betty Crocker Home Library called The Pleasures of Crewel. It's an absolutely fabulous book with lots and lots of photographs and stitches I had never before seen.

For right now, I must put away the new little knitting patterns I'm designing; stop working on the Quiet Book pages for my grandson; finish up the rest of the decorations for the June wedding as quickly as I can; and finally, clean the house. After that, I shall find time to finish this. Yes! I shall!

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