Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sophie's Park Excursions: Idlewild Park

Our dog trainer said, "A tired puppy is a good puppy." SO, with that in mind, I have been trying to take Sophie for a walk in the park every day. Coincidentally, at the caregiver support group that I attend, we are to make a plan each week to do something that we want to do. It doesn't have to be a big plan, it just has to be something, put down in writing, that we will really try to do for ourselves each week. For instance, I have been meaning to exercise more, but I just never seem to have time. Hey! Guess what? Tiring out Sophie and walking for exercise can be done at the same time! (I just love multi-tasking!)
To make it a little more interesting, I decided I would take Sophie to every park in the Charlotte area. I intend to take a couple of photos and write a little something about each one.
Here's the first: Idlewild Park.
 This park is pretty convenient, as it's only a few miles away.
 Sophie and I were confused by this ... we think someone must have made a mistake. Surely they can't really mean a 6" leash!!! Perhaps they meant a 6' leash!
 It's very dark and damp down in the middle of the nature trail, but Sophie didn't mind it a bit.
 There is a little bit of a creek that's very clear ... and some interesting trees.
 In addition to the nature trail/paths through the woods, this park also has several playground areas with some sort of outdoor padded flooring. There are swings, slides, balance beams, jungle-gym type of things ... along with a Frisbee (or just plain Disc) golf course. There are lots of picnic-table shelters, outdoor grilling areas and a couple of ball fields. There are, of course, rest rooms, too. The park is pretty big. The only negatives we found were the vast amount of bugs (probably from the damp conditions) and lots of tree roots bulging out of the narrow paths. Also, it feels kind of lonely when you're in the middle of the woods. I'd definitely not go alone.
Well, I had a good time!

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