Sunday, August 1, 2010

Izzy in Progress!

"Izzy," my knitted/felted version of the cloth and wooden 19th-century Izannah Walker doll, is coming along nicely! This is the biggest doll I've ever designed, she measures 18 inches after felting!

Here are Izzy's pieces before felting. (above)

And here are the pieces after felting. They've just been taken from the washer, rinsed, stuffed and shaped.
I used Galway 100 percent wool yarn for the "wooden" parts ... the feet/bottom part of the legs; the hands and bottoms of the arms; the shoulders, neck and head. I used Paton's classic merino in aran for the "muslin" body parts.
Many of the dresses I've seen for the Izannah Walker dolls leave the shoulders bare, as was the style of the day. Of course, that will be my next project ... knitting and felting an appropriate dress for her. Perhaps she should have a string of pearls or beads and some earbobs, as well!
I am planning to make her hair also the style of the day: parted in the middle, pinned up in the back, with ringlets around. She should probably wear some sort of ornament in her hair, also.
After she dries, the fun will really begin! Stay tuned!

Oh ... and for more information on Izannah Walker, try these links: Laurel Leaf Dolls

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