Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Ballgames and Blasting Caps ...

Randy and I really enjoy going to baseball games in small towns. Last night, he took me to Kannapolis to see the Intimidators. We had a great time. Although it was a little warm out there, even at twilight, it was "Thirsty Thursday," so drinks were discount priced!
And no trip to a ballgame is complete without a bag of salted-in-the-shell peanuts! I love these things! In fact, I was taking this photo when the best play of the evening happened! A triple play, no less, for the home team!
I pretty much ate the whole bag by myself and yes, they were fantastic.
I love the 7th inning stretch when everybody stands up and sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" ... it's really fun.
Another interesting part was the elderly woman who sat in front of us. She kept notebooks full of the players' statistics! She was taking notes as the game went on ... and making kind of mean comments, too, like "Do you need my glasses out there?"
And she kept yelling out, "What, did they send all our good players up?"
I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guys out there. What happened to a little encouragement?AND
while we're on the subject of ballgames, the other day, for no apparent reason, I started thinking about an advertisement I had seen ages and ages ago when I was little. I mean, I think this was before I was even in kindergarten. I remembered a few things about it: It had an African-American sports person in it ... and it was warning kids not to play with blasting caps. Well, I took these two pieces of information to GOOGLE and lo and behold, I found it!
Here it is for anyone who is interested (or if you want to just have a good, old trip down memory lane ... I mean, it might just ring a bell!) This is so great, you have to watch it! I mean it! Who can forget Willy Mays instructing you to "Play with these, not those!" "Don't touch them!"
Blasting caps must really have been laying all over the place back then! Remember the horrible stories about the kids who HAD played with blasting caps and blown their fingers or hands off?? I even remember colorful posters lining the school halls that warned about the dangers of blasting caps! Why, they must have been everywhere!

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