Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Not-So-Average, Garden-Variety Rabbits!

Introducing the Tapestry Rabbit and the Topiary Rabbit ...

Tapestry Rabbit

Topiary Rabbit

... both are knit on double-pointed needles with wool yarn, then felted in your washing machine.

The Topiary Rabbit is knit with wool held together with one strand of Little Flowers novelty yarn. This one is Dappled Forest.

The Tapestry Rabbit is embroidered with simple stitches using Knit Picks Palette yarns.

I hope you like them! The pattern will be available shortly. (As in, as soon as I have time to lay it out and put it up on The Pattern Box!)


Amybel said...

Cute! The details on the tapestry rabbit are great.

Grandpa and Abi said...

These are wonderful!