Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finished! Bevy of Bathing Beauties ...

Maile and Leilani are in the front, surrounded by all their new friends!

Here are the finished eight additional mermaids.
Each one, although the same pattern, is really unique! The way each felted is slightly different, as are the faces and personalities. Now that they are finished, I hate parting with them!

This has really been a great learning experience for me! I now know why I prefer to design a new pattern than to take orders and make finished pieces from my patterns. I really don't see how anyone who takes on the knitting/finishing of pieces for people makes the project cost effective. The materials, alone, are quite expensive because I had to invest in different colors of floss, thread, Little Flowers novelty yarn and wool yarn ... the knitting, shaping, stuffing, embroidering and hair-making take approximately 14-20 hours per doll! I promised these before I had time to really think it all out ... and then I couldn't possibly charge what I really should have in the end. Oh well! Never again! I have discovered it's so much more fun to make one or two as a special gift than to turn myself into a tiny factory!


Grandpa and Abi said...

They look wonderful!

Deb said...

They are perfect but you are right, making just a few is better. Lesson learned the hard way also.