Friday, March 13, 2009

Familia Romana ... again!

I am determined. I will learn Latin! I know, I know. This will be my fourth ... or maybe my fifth attempt at joining another online class!!! But this time I will succeed! In reality, I know I probably shouldn't even try, but I feel compelled to do it. Yes! Absolutely compelled! I have so many Latin textbooks and workbooks and cds lying around this house that it's embarrassing! My first attempt (let's not even count all the times I tried without the online groups!) was with a Wheelock's group about 6 or 7 years ago. (My mind boggles at that thought! Could it really have been that long ago?? Yes! It was! Indeed!) Anyhow, after ... I think ... two tries with a Wheelock group, I went on to a Lingua Latina group that used special materials only available from France. I got them all! I started! I admit, it was a bit strange trying to learn Latin through French while not knowing a bit of French! Some kind fellow student who knew French, started translating the whole book for everyone! I listened to Latin (spoken with French accents) while I peeled potatoes. I listened and repeated Latin (hopefully without a French accent) in the car while driving. I had Latin everywhere ... until life got in the way and I found myself slipping behind the group's assignments again. And then there were the tests. AACCKKK! I tried twice with this group, but in the end, life got in the way again. SO, I started with a new group, this time, a different text. I really like these books and cds the best out of all of them. Familia Romana. There are stories that you read and the text sort of flows. Not to mention, the characters are very interesting people! Anyhow, again, as you probably know by now, life had that way of taking control and I was left behind. But now, the moderator of this group, such a kindly and wise person (and extremely generous with her time) is starting yet another! It begins on March 19. This weekend, I am going to assemble all my materials again and THIS time, I will succeed!!! Salvete!

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