Sunday, November 9, 2008

AAACKKK! Take a Look at December's Simply Knitting!

I can't believe it. I always look forward to my copies of Simply Knitting magazine appearing in my mailbox every month, but this time, well ... er ... gasp ... I couldn't believe my eyes. MY Gingberbread Man (no, I should say an IMPOSTER) Gingerbread Man was on the cover! I couldn't believe it. He even has a pocket for fingers and everything!!!! OH NO! The "Icing" was even done in chain stitch EXACTLY like mine!!!
They even had a photo of a cookie sheet with him on it! Just like MINE! My kids couldn't believe it, either. My husband was astonished!
What a weird coincidence, is all I've got to say. And yes, I guess when I stop to think about it ... Christmas time does sort of make one dream of gingerbread people (after all, it happened to me) ... so it's likely somebody would think about knitting one, too ... and there are some differences. I mean, my patterns are almost all knit in the round on double-pointed needles and then most of them are felted ... which MY AUTHENTIC Gingerbread Man pattern is ... and this Simply Knitting one is not. He is knit back and forth on straight needles, then seamed together and not felted at all.
sigh You have to admit, it is a little weird, though! I'll have photos later!!!

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