Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting a "Real" Website!

First, please don't worry about the cost of my new patterns!! I will always offer some for free and, of course, the ones that are already posted and are free will always remain so! I am working very hard on getting the new website up and running, but it's a lot of work! I am fortunate to have FrontPage and my husband and teens to help me, but they are busy a lot and I'm left on my own!
I hope to offer the patterns in pdf format, which will mean a lot of time spent in the Publisher program first to get all the photographs and the pattern directions just right. You will be able to download them instantly!
For now, I only have two pages that work! And I don't have any patterns posted yet, just a few photos and descriptions of my new toys. The site will continue to change as I try to fix everything, so please don't be too critical yet!
If you'd care to see it, it's The Pattern Box.
I'll keep you updated! Thank you all so much for your interest and support and encouragement!


Susan said...

Good for you! I checked out your new site and it is great, so happy you're doing this. Congratulations and good luck.

ypsiknitter said...

I just found and fell in love with your sun toy. I live in Michigan and will make a couple to get me and my away to college kiddo to help get us through the gray winter.
Congratulations on your new venture! The site is great!!

MsKnottyKnits said...

I think your web site is super! Good luck in the future! I know I'll be a customer!!

Anonymous said...

Your animals are so cool. Now....if you could teach me how to knit.....