Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Complete Jane Austen on PBS!!

That's right! PBS will start airing the Jane Austen collection starting this Sunday, January 13!!! Be sure to click on the Jane Austen Collection link above to find out more ... and to check the times.
If you'd like to start your own book club, they've even provided background information, a bookmark, and a scone recipe to get you started, all on pdf files! Click on this LINK.
And for homeschooling, there is also a great teacher's guide available. This would have been a great resource last year when Amelia was studying 19th-century women's literature. *sigh I had to put together my own for that one. (Finding the Norton Critical editions helped with this, though.) An interesting paper topic is to compare/contrast the main characters' strengths and weaknesses.

Anyhow: I can't wait! I guess this almost makes up for not being able to download the audiobook of Persuasion!