Thursday, November 20, 2008

Starting Christmas Knitting ... I hope there's enough time!

Well, I spilled the beans on what I'm giving my veterinarians this year ... I kinda, sorta hinted at it way back in the summer when I brought some of my toys in for them to see ... but today, when I went over there just to buy more prescription food and arthritis supplements for Maggie, well, I couldn't help myself. Now I'm committed. I must finish.
I'm working on my squirrel pattern for one of the vets ... I may make two ... depends on how long it takes me with all the other stuff I have to do right now. I'd like to try my reddish-brown lopi lite along with my reddish/gold fun fur for the tail and do a brown squirrel, as well as the regular grey one.
I'm working on birds for the bird mobile I want to give the other vet. There are really four or five vets there and they are all wonderful, but two of them know me and know Maggie quite well. I wanted to give them something more than my usual cookies. Can't believe it'll be 11 years on Nov. 30 since little Mags was born! Time does go by so quickly!!! My little nibbles! Now with arthritis and just as sore and crackly as I am!

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