Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ravelry Members' Finished Projects!

Look at this great felted fish that a fellow Ravelry user has knit from my free felted fish pattern!
It's a lovely goldfish! Thank you so much for sharing the photo!

Another fellow Ravelry member has finished this gorgeous felted teapot from my knitted/felted teapot pattern! I just love the way the middle and the handle turned out the same color. Isn't it wonderful?

I thank both fabulous knitters for allowing me to post their photos. If anyone has knit any of my patterns, and you'd like to share your photos on my blog, please email me. I'd love to show them off!I have just finished my (dare I say the words) Back to School free pattern for Teacher's Pet Apple, which is a knitted/felted apple with a little worm poking out. If I can manage it, I'll post it all tomorrow (Wednesday) ... things have been so hectic here of late, particularly regarding my elderly parents. Please keep us in your prayers.

As an aside ... I have finished a black cat and ghost for Halloween ... and am almost finished with a pumpkin person, but not quite ... and a raven. All four patterns should be up and available at The Pattern Box and on Ravelry soon. I'll be sure to let you know! I think they're quite fun and I hope you will, too!


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