Thursday, February 1, 2007


Here's Maggie with her boots on running into the hydrangea bush. She loves to get under scratchy branches when it snows. Who knows why?
I awoke just before 5 a.m. today, ready to watch the news to see if Amelia's community-college classes had been cancelled or not. Yes! They were! We don't cancel "school" on snow days. That's one of the many perks of having school at home. (We are keeping our eyes on May 11 as our 180th day of school. We're not taking ANY unnecessary holidays between now and then, believe me!)
It's mostly turned to rain now. Unfortunately, I'm too concerned about tree limbs snapping and power lines going down during the night to really enjoy the day! (Why do I always think the worst?)
Now, it looks like everything will just be rain ... and I cancelled my hair cut for Saturday (which took about a month to get)! UGH!
I'm going back to knit my experimental sock!

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