Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Very Brady Life ...

My life seems to have taken on a "Brady-ish" sort of quality these days ... yes, my life is right from the pages of a Brady Bunch script! I first noticed this strange coincidence when Colette failed to pass her driver's license test last Thursday.

Colette is 19 and rather embarrassed that she doesn't have her license yet. Circumstances, you see, have prevented us from really pursuing it. While she was in high school, between working at the library and going to chess tournaments, we never had time for her to practice driving. Days after driver's education seemed to slip into years and, before we knew it, she was off to college without a license! When finally we had the time to drive around and practice, we thought the insurance premiums were going to be too much ... but then that problem was solved when she was hired at a different branch of the library. She was happy to pay for the insurance herself! WOW! All obstacles gone!

Needless to say, she's practiced quite a bit and, last week, decided it was time to go get it. Well, *gulp* from the moment I saw her examiner, I knew she was in for a bad day. She cheerfully came out of the building and stood beside our car, which was parked at the very front of the lot. He came out of the building a moment or two later and stood on the curb, glancing around. "Well," he harumphed angrily. "I see you're standing at the car and not where I told you to stand!"

"Yikes," I thought to myself. "This doesn't look good and she's not even started to drive the car yet!"

Unfortunately, my instinct proved right. He was grumpy. He was mean. Colette said everything he asked or said was yelled. Needless to say, she flunked. Something about "wide right turns." He even drew little lanes on the back of her exam paper, sketching out lines that showed a proper right turn and the wide ones she was making.

All I could think about as I tried to console her on the way home, was the Brady Bunch episode where Marcia is encouraged to think of the examiner sitting there in his underwear to make her realize he's just as human and vulnerable as anybody else. So, this week, when she tries again, I'm sure she's going to see this man sitting there in his boxer shorts (well, the fellow in the Brady Bunch wore boxers. Maybe this guy wears briefs?? Ew! Yuck! Personally, I don't want my mind going there!)

Anyhow, the coincidence didn't stop with that! Oh, no! You see, Amelia, who's working at an ice-cream shop now, had an incident where one very faithful employee recommended a friend for a job there ... and the friend turned out to be not nearly as conscientious as the original employee. Again, I had to pull from the Brady archives ... when Marcia got the job at the ice-cream shop ... and recommended Peter ... who was eating the ice cream all the time and making a big mess!

We've been talking about the Brady Bunch so much, that last night, while we ate our Two-for-one-Large-Pizza (being Tuesday, as it was), we hunted around and found some old episodes we had taped awhile ago when they aired on Nick-at-Night's Block Party. We couldn't find the two that most mirrored our lives, but we did have a few laughs, anyhow. We decided two things: Everyone agrees we have to buy the DVDs and ... we all wish we had Alice living here.

Meanwhile, I ask myself, what episode will I live out today???