Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Wasn't There

What seems like many months ago, I pre-ordered two copies of the final Harry Potter book for Colette and Amelia ... I was promised that the books would be delivered on Saturday, July 21.
All day, we kept looking for the books to arrive in that "special" delivery. I checked the order status on Amazon.com and it said they had arrived in Charlotte. I kept hoping they'd come before the guarantee deadline of 7 p.m.
But they were a no-show. They stood me up. Harry never appeared. 7:01 came and went. I sent a note to Amazon.com, and received a speedy reply, apologizing. I was also given my money back ... but still no books.
All day Monday, we waited for the mail to come. It came. No books in that delivery, either.
Colette and I went to Target last night and finally bought them ... but she'd had to endure a couple of days of her co-workers chatting and giving away details!
Alas. A small thing, but still disappointing.

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Nadege said...

Amazon lately has been a bit unreliable. I did the cheap thing and put Harry Potter on hold at the library many months ago. I picked up the book first thing Saturday morning. I'm not a Potter fan but boy did the kids enjoy it.

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