Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finishing Touches

I added a drawstring to the wine sack ... and a drawstring, along with a cord shoulder strap and some glass beads to the little bag.


Zoebert said...

These came out very interesting. It's a little hard to tell if this techniques makes the job any easier.
I've done needle felting, and some wet felting, and have had mixed results in both. It is amazing what you start with and how it compares to the finished item. Would you recommend this process?
Just wondering.

Nean the Bean said...

Hi, zoebert! Thanks for the comment. I would recommend this method if you have a lot of roving, only a little time and you like surprises! (Because I don't think you can really determine what the final piece will be until you pour the boiling water over it to dissolve the "special" paper.