Thursday, March 15, 2007

Felted Teapot Number Two

For this one, I used Lopi yarn (1 strand). I made the spout bigger. I think it looks too big now, but it's the actual size of the spout on my own teapot (which I used to block it while it was drying). What do you think ... too big? I stuffed the teapot with wool batting, poking some Earl Grey tea into the stuffing as I went. Then I used a little filter paper and made a small tea bag of Earl Grey to stuff in the top right under the lid. The tea idea was Judith from Massachusett's! I think it's a great suggestion. I may find cheesecloth to put a lot of tea in and put that in the center of the stuffing the next time around. Also, I changed the lid. Instead of knitting from the center out, I began from the outer edge and then decreased toward the center. Again, any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms are most welcome! Thank you for looking!

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