Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year, New Projects ... Anyone care to be a test knitter?

As the new year is in full swing, my brain seems to be on overload with new ideas for knitting/felting projects! I can't knit them all fast enough! I have three worked out so far ... two are toys and the third is a party favor.
I am wondering if anyone out there would care to be a test knitter for one of them? Test knitting would require a bit of secrecy, though ... you see, I'm hoping to try to submit one or all of the patterns to either an online knitting publication or perhaps ... even a print one ... so, unfortunately, no photos or descriptions of the projects could be shared publicly ... not on your blog or on Ravelry or anywhere. I know. This is the difficult part. It's super difficult for me, because when I finish something, my natural inclination is to want to show it to people and get their opinions ... good or bad!
So, we could only share our opinions among ourselves. While you would not be paid for your time and trouble, you would get a free pattern from me ... so, if this seems interesting to you, please email me for more details.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I would love to test knit a pattern of yours and I do know how to keep my mouth shut. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting started. Steph in NH

Nean the Bean said...

Hi, Steph. I don't know how to contact you! Please send me an email to either or!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Annie said...

How many testers are you looking for? I'm interested.

PS. I just came to your blog to tell you that I knitted your pickle and posted it on my blog. Just thought you'd like to see how I interpreted your pattern. It was a huge hit!! Thanks for the free one.

Steph said...

How silly of me not to have included my email address; I've just sent you an email with my address: Sending it in a comment too just in case. Steph in NH