Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Is Here!

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! Things have been hectic here, as usual. Maggie the beardie has been suffering with a urinary-tract infection, among all her other "issues!" WOW. Sometimes I just wonder when she'll be well for awhile. She's still her happy, bouncy self, though. You wouldn't think anything's wrong.
Meanwhile, I'm back at my knitting after having to put it on hold for a week or so ... my Mom took a fall and we had to go to the ER ... she suffered a laceration to her face (upper cheek) and a bruised rib. The stitches came out last Thursday and the area looks very good. I'm hoping it won't leave a scar. Very scary! I so wish I could keep her from falling! The good news is that she now weighs 105 pounds, up from the 98 she was in December.
As for my Dad ... he's in physical therapy and we're hoping this will help his walking, though he doesn't really like to do the exercises! I guess I have to get out some good Sousa marches and get him going! "Up and at 'em!" as he used to say to us in the mornings!
Kent's new guitar arrived and he's playing up a storm! Amelia now sports aqua blue hair and nails; Colette is now "officially" minoring in Japanese ... and Randy is planning the yearly invitational chess tournament.
So, everything is going along. I'm afraid I've been obsessed (yes, absolutely obsessed) with acquiring patterns on Ebay... and why is all the good stuff always from the UK? Great dk yarn; fantastic toy patterns, etc. *sigh. Shipping costs really hike up the price!
I finished the Boston Terrier, but forgot to take a photo of him before I gave him as the gift! Oh well. Kent and Amelia agreed his button eyes made him look like he had glasses!
Well, the lilacs have buds ... my cheddar pinks are starting to bloom ... and the birds are all back at the feeders! Spring is definitely here!
I hope to have some more photos up later as I am just finishing an entirely new tea set! The teapot is more like a pitcher, but it's from a pattern that is already available for free on the internet. I'll post the link later.
Bye for now, as I must take Maggie's first-morning urine to the vet! How lovely!
OH! I haven't forgotten ... just haven't had time yet ... look for the new Cookie of the Month coming soon. It's an umbrella sugar cookie from the April Martha Stewart Living magazine!

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